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ESCS Online Workshops  - Counterfeit Risk Mitigation
AS9120 quality manager How far along is your company in developing a robust counterfeit risk mitigation strategy?

ESCS hosts a range of workshops, each targeted to addressing one specific aspect of how your company can implement policies and procedures tailored to your specific operational environment.

"Bite-sized" 30 minute workshops.  Each is structured to present key information that is always thought-provoking, and that allows for questions and interactive discussion.

Up to 15 locations may participate in a single workshop.  From individuals at their own desks to conference room groups, ESCS uses GoToMeetingTM conference technology to give you the flexibilty your organization requires.

Best of all, there is no cost or obligation.  At ESCS, we know that when you have an appreciation for our quality expertise, you will also understand the value of utilizing our quality services for your most challenging procurement needs.

Currently Available Workshops

WORKSHOP:  "Counterfeit Industry Overview"
This workshop presents a review of the global development of electronic component counterfeiting, and allows opportunity to delve into specific areas that directly affect your company's operations.  What types of components are you buying?  How active are counterfeiters with these parts, and how can you be sure you're catching the types of fakes they produce to meet your type of component demand?

The workshop also reviews available objective and subjective data on what's actually happening in the industry today.  What are companies really experiencing, and how are they reacting?  What are the strategies they are putting in place, and how relevant might these be for your company?

WORKSHOP:  "Risk Assessment - Your Current Situation"
You can't make a plan without a clear understanding of the problem!  This workshop take you through a process to review what your company's actual counterfeit experience has been as well as a look at the current level of protections (or lack thereof) embedded in your procurement, receiving inspection and vendor management policies.

WORKSHOP:  "Distributor Selection & Management"
"Vendor Reduction" might be the buzz-phrase everyone's using; but is that really an adequate response?  This workshop looks at the benefits of vendor reduction, and helps you outline criteria you will use to evaluate current and prospective suppliers from the perspective of what will best help to mitigate counterfeit risk while still giving your procurement operations the flexibility they need.

You'll take a look at quality certifications such as ISO 9001 and the Aerospace AS9120, and understand the difference between "compliant" and "certified".  The subjects of inspection and traceability, as well as vendor performance reporting are also covered.

WORKSHOP:  "Performance Management - Plan, Do, Check, Act!"
Every plan for organizational change is only as good as the process used to get it done combined with the follow-up included to ensure success.  This workshop walks you through how best to apply the tried and true methodology of "Plan, Do, Check, Act" in relation to development and implementation of your counterfeit risk mitigation strategy.

For an overview of the process, see our Quality Managers' Toolbox.

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Comments or Suggestions
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What People Are Saying
"Thanks, ESCS, for getting our whole quality group energized and focused on the changes we need to make."
Bill W., Florida

"We had six managers in four locations, and it couldn't have been easier to get us all together with ESCS's use of GoToMeeting functionality.  And we actually got it done on our lunch break, within the 30 minutes!"
Janice L., Arizona

"LUNCH n LEARN" is Preferred
ESCS Lunch & Learn
To date, most of the ESCS Counterfeit Mitigation Workshops have been held as a "Lunch 'n Learn" event.  It's an easy way to accomplish the goal without the need to schedule yet another meeting in everyone's busy day.

ESCS Professor Quality Professor Quality says, "Join me at the next ESCS Lunch n Learn workshop!"