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Procurement Professionals' G.E.M.S.  - Generating Excellence in Material Supply
AS9120 quality manager If you're a procurement manager, the buck stops with you.

Whatever you level of signing authority, ultimately it's your responsibility to ensure delivery of the right product to the production floor.  And mistakes can be costly, both to your company and potentially even to your career.

Whatever aspect of the purchasing process you're involved in, decisions need to be made with accurate, up-to-date information in a volatile environment.  No doubt you're aware of the counterfeit problem, however we hope you'll take the time to fully explore the content on this site and check back periodically as a quick means of staying up to speed.

The following are some specific "GEMS" of information you may find helpful.

Lessons Learned with Source Controlled Drawings
Be sure not to fall into these common traps regarding procurement of components called out in source controlled drawings.

Read this brief ESCS "Infomin" on the subject.

The 60-Second QPL Drill-Down
If you buy JANTX parts and need to source through the open market, one really quick way to ensure a part offered is not counterfeit is to confirm that the manufacturer was QPL'd for the date code being offered.  Unless you know how to quickly navigate your way through the DSCC data, that can be a time consuming task.

Follow this simple example to add this capability to your counterfeit avoidance tactics.

Defining Purchase Order Conditions
You get what you ask for.  Or sometimes, you get what you didn't ask for!  Having a comprehensive, standardized set of purchase order conditions that you can mix and match as needed can save you time and protect you from receiving something that doesn't meet your project requirements.

Model your P.O. conditions on these clauses.

Focus on What's Important
It's always the same.  The phone never stops ringing.  You can't get your job done without it; but it's also your biggest time thief.

Read this Infomin with some important time saving tips.

Comments or Suggestions
Your comments or suggestions on the content of this page are encouraged. Please email us at info@combatcounterfeits.com

ESCS Procurement Resources

This is the starting point for sourcing of electronic components, saving you time and putting at your fingertips the information you need to make sound business decisions:

  • Shop by commodity type
  • Navigate to over 3,000 manufacturers
  • Drill down to 100's of RoHS initiatives
  • Access key entry points to the DSCC site
  • Look up datasheets

    ...and much, much more. Over 60% of buyers who visit bookmark this valuable resource.

    ESCS innovates with another first in the electronic component supply chain. Navigate to a high magnification photo of the part you're looking for in a "virtual 3-D image", with multiple parts rotated to show all part markings, logos, etc.

    ICPHOTOSYNTH also gives you a link with each part photo to the related datasheet.  And for future reference, ESCS keeps a photo of every lot and date code we have ever shipped to you, just an email request away.

    ESCS innovates with another first in electronic component procurement.  Now you can have all the services you need in a single request, so your products are delivered ready for the production floor.  Keep your project on track and within budget.  Let ESCS handle lead forming & tinning, tape & reeling, dry packing, even bar coding.  Need testing or de-programming? ESCS's COTTS can handle that for you, too. Learn more.

    Why not get started now sourcing your components through ESCS?  We understand your needs and can help in developing strong, risk mitigation strategies.  Use our easy, online form to request a quote.