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Purchase the Electronic Supply Chain Solutions A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol
ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol This comprehensive document outlines not only the full array of inspection and testing methods that should be applied to verifying component authenticity, it differentiates how to handle components received directly from the manufacturer or their authorized franchise distributor from the more comprehensive testing appropriate to inspection of components received through the independent distributor market.

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. has combined the experience of years in the business with the "best of the best" in electronic component inspection and testing methods.  The result is the ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol.

Make sure your component inspection covers everything from A 2 Z...

The ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol.

What the ESCS Protocol Contains
ESCS A2Z Inspection and Testing Protocol Evaluating electronic component authenticity requires a methodical progression through a range of possible testing processes.  Beyond a basic list of visual and marking tests, how can you know what other tests should be performed?
  • When should you have a "de-cap" done?
  • Is a solder test needed?
  • Should you require 100% testing of all parts, or is a sample enough?
  • If you're inspecting a sample only, how large of a sample size should you use?
  • What "flags" should lead to more comprehensive testing, and what should that include?
  • The ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol provides the step-by-step requirements to help you mitigate the risk of counterfeit components entering your supply chain. It not only defines all steps of the inspection process; but also the conditions under which additional testing should be required, and what that should include.

    Order the ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol to validate component authenticity, and to know when 3rd party functionality testing is needed to ensure your components perform to the original manufacturer's specification.  Select a competent test house, and ensure they perform the test procedures recommended by ESCS in the A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol.

    How to Get a Copy
    The complete ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol is available for $275.  Ask us how you can receive a full rebate of your cost by doing business with ESCS.

    At CombatCounterfeits.com, we promote open information sharing of all resources aerospace and military manufacturers need to develop a sound counterfeit risk mitigation strategy.  The ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol is, however, a proprietary process, and is protected by copyright law.

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